Oxford Houses are:

Oxford Houses are democratically self run, financially self supporting housing for those in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. There is a zero tolerance policy for those that return to alcohol or drug use (i.e. the resident is immediately expelled).

Oxford of Oregon is:

In the state of Oregon there are over 155 Oxford houses that have a capacity of more than 1215 men and women at any given time. There are over 108 men’s houses and over 47 women’s houses. In these houses, there are also an estimated 275 children living.

These houses are located in 29 cities in 14 counties throughout the state. Local groups of houses form chapters to provide mutual support to each other. There are 17 chapters of houses in the state of Oregon. These chapters together form the Oxford of Oregon State Association. Within the chapter and state association officers are democratically elected, and provide much of the support that is needed to advise the houses on day to day operations.